Spiderman into the spider verse release date ,cast and trailer

spiderman into the spider verse : animated movie

Spider – Man: Spiderman Into the Spider Verse is scheduled for release on December 14, 2018.

Spider man into the Spider-verse is an animated movie,here more than one spider man we will see in this movie.

Sony Pictures Animation are set to release their first animated Spider-movie december 14 2018 , Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Into the Spider-Verse movies is computer-animated superhero film on the  Spider-Man,
into the spider verse movie produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation in association with Marvel, and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse  teenager Miles Morales, who takes up the mantle of Spider-Man after the death of his world’s Peter Parker.

Miles Morales is a prep school student from Brooklyn with web slinging powers.

In the interview some one asked Johnson for his role than he commented how he feel about  Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

Jake Johnson give the voice of an old Peter Parker with with a stereotypical lack-of-cash and slacker vibe.

Miles slowly starts to trust Peter as the older man trains Miles how to reach his powers’ full potential.

They team up with another spider-person, Gwen Stacy , to take on an inter-dimensional threat.

This movie doesn’t take place in the same universe as Spider-Man Homecoming, but it’s based on the 2011 Marvel comics that first introduced the young, mixed-race Morales.

Mahershala Ali will give the voice of Miles’ uncle-turned-villain, Aaron Davis, although his voice work is yet to be heard in either the teaser or the trailer.

In this movie there are multiple alternative universes we can see , it is set of shared multiverse called as “Spider-verse”.

The director of spider man into the spider verse is  Peter Ramsey,  Rodney Rothman, Bob Persichetti and  Phil Lord and Rothman  and staring with  Shameik Moore and others. In this animted movie, Morales  is Spider-Men.

Movie  [ animated movie by the Christopher Miller and Lord ]idea is officially announced in April 2015

Lord and Miller wanted to make movie of comic book’s computer animated movie.

To complete this animted movie up to 140 animators are required.

Miles Morales comes across the long-dead Peter Parker. he  is not from his world , he is from another in the universe ( multiverse ).
Under the guidence of Peter , Miles will become Spider-Man and through that he will become part of the ever-expanding ‘Spider-Verse’.

Nicolas Cage give the voice of Spider Man Noir. Where spider bites peter parker, in Marvel’s Noir Universe.

Spider man into the spider verse  is a story about all these different iterations of our hero coming together, with Miles Morales at the center.

Into the Spider-Verse is not connected with the  marvel’s spiderman: Homecoming or its upcoming sequel, Far From Home.

Spider man into spider verse cast

Shameik Moore play the role of Miles Morales / Spider-Man:

spider man into the spider verse

Jake Johnson play the role of  Peter Parker / Spider-Man:

spider man into the spider verse

Hailee Steinfeld play the role of Gwen Stacy / Spider-Gwen:

spider man into the spider verse

Mahershala Ali play the role of  Aaron Davis / Prowler:

spider man into the spider verse

Brian Tyree Henry   play the role of Jefferson Davis:

spiderman into the spider verse

Luna Lauren Velez   play the role of Rio Morales:

spider man into the spider verse

Lily Tomlin play the role of May Parker:

spider man into the spider verse

John Mulaney play the role of Peter Porker / Spider-Ham:

spider man into the spider verse

Kimiko Glenn play the role of Peni Parker:

spider man into the spider verse

Nicolas Cage play the role of Peter Parker / Spider-Man Noir

spider man into the spider verse

Liev Schreiber play the role of Wilson Fisk / Kingpin:

spiderman into the spider verse

Watch trailer now :spiderman into the spider verse


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