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​​🎞️ Kabir Singh (2019)
➧ DIRECTOR: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
➧ ACTORS: Kiara Advani, Shahid Kapoor, Arjan Bajwa, Rajat Arora, Suresh Oberoi, Aanchal Chauhan, Kunal Thakur & others
➧ GENRE: #Drama #Action #Romance
➧ RELEASE DATE: 21 June 2019
➧ RUNTIME: 2h 48min
➧ IMDb Rating: ⭐ 8.7/10 from 1024 review

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Kabir Singh Movie Review

Hello everyone what is up it’s me a reaction to Kabir Singh where’s the Chara we wouldn’t see a charas reaction and so since we aim to please here on you’ve got to watch this trailer and I Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani it’s directed by Sandeep ready Bunga and it comes out 21st year in 2019 over a month away cool I’m very excited for this actually so without further ado let you know what I really like about this trailer.

That they didn’t show in the teaser is the love story aspect of it I am a sucker for a good love story but I feel like the love story here is really compelling and I think it has a lot to do with Shahid Kapoor’s performance as well as Kiara Advani just has this really sweet innocent look about her and I think it lends itself really well to this character because you know she comes across as you know a little shy very innocent very sweet.

That in the trailer makes me understand why he might be behaving the way he’s behaving like resorting to lots of drink and drugs and just trying to numb the pain of losing her because if I remember correctly from looking at a synopsis of the movie she actually has is forced to marry someone else so like me I mean I can understand why he would resort to that and once again because he is such an impassioned person.

He kind of takes it to the extreme whereas maybe many of us would be sad for a few months and then be like well you know she’s moving on I best move on with my life but that’s not what he’s about and I think that’s what makes him so interesting because it is different you know that way of thinking is really different from a lot of us I really like the music in this and I if I remember correctly I think it was also used in The Arjun ready trailer.

Kabir Singh Movie Lead Star Cast

  • Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Rajdheer Singh.
Kabir Singh Movie
  • Kiara Advani as Preeti.
Kiara Advani

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